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Big Reveal: How Much for an 'Eco-Luxurious' New-Build in Amagansett?

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Commenters unimpressed

Address: 216 Cranberry Hole Road, Amagansett

Price: $4,425,000

Winner! OK, tie. The two most popular answers were $4,425,000 and $4,925,000. Commenters were unimpressed again this week. "If this is on Cranberry Hole, a lot depends on what kind of views there are, if any. I’m not loving this house. It does not feel especially luxurious or interesting to me. My initial reaction is meh." "This is another one where I have to laugh at the 'sold furnished' concept. Gee, thanks guys. Pool in the shade looks chilly to swim in." "Underwhelming. I would like to see a bit more space for plantings around the deck and pool area. All that decking connecting the house, pool house and garage, together with the black window frames, makes the exterior look like it survived a recent wildfire." Well, hopefully a buyer will fall in love, anyway.