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Here's the Easternmost Listing in New York State

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Next house for sale is in Portugal

This small, cute ranch is in a small, cute neighborhood in Camp Hero. Peace, quiet, and nature surrounds you. Originally, this enclave was an affordable housing development. When the Camp Hero Air Force base closed in 1984, East Hampton Town acquired 30 acres of land from the state, along with Air Force housing. The properties were sold for about $40,000 each. Owners were allowed to sell, but their profits would be capped at the Consumer Price Index for 30 years. Well, the 30 years is up so now the properties can be sold at market rates, making for nice profits.

This three-bedroom, one-bath ranch is about 1350 square feet. It's set on a quarter acre. The kitchen and bath have been newly renovated. Asking price is $775K, which is probably fair--hard to compare this area with anything else.