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Big Reveal: How Much for a New Build in Sag Harbor Village?

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Enormous stone fireplace

Address: 43 Suffolk Street Sag Harbor

Price: $12,000,000

Next time, we won't use the house featured in the New York Times as our spotter property. Whoops. The incredulity was strong among commenters this week. "I have so many questions for whoever renovated this house, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll just summarize by asking "WHY?" Why, oh, why?" "What is the point in having an underground garage-lift thingy that forces you to keep your car pristinely cleaned…what happens in winter? What a useless, embarrassing gimmick. Yes, there is probably some idiot, insecure about his manhood, who will buy this. But good luck finding him. Why not just put in a regular garage and spend the money on a bigger pool, perhaps some landscaping? Who is building this nonsense? The place has a soulless tract home exterior with siding that looks like vinyl. The makeup vanity in the master bath doubles as a china cabinet." "The fact that is a custom build does explain a lot of the foolishness."