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David Geffen Bought a New Spread on Lily Pond Lane for $70M

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Two acres on the ocean

Back in April, a huge deal on Lily Pond Lane flew somewhat under the radar. The oceanfront home of late fashion executive Josephine Chaus sold for $70M. According to the New York Post, the buyer of the two-acre property is actually David Geffen.

And what of Cody House, the former home of Courtney Sale Ross, which Geffen purchased in 2014 for $52M? The property, nearby at 26 West End Road, reportedly sold for about $50M, down from its $55M whisper asking price, to developers. That property is 5.5 acres subdividable to four separate lots, which is probably what will happen. It's not oceanfront (one house away) but there's 460 feet of frontage directly on Georgica Pond.