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The Sloppy Tuna Re-Opens Under New Management May 13

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The Sloppy Tuna will open tomorrow, Friday May 13, under a new management team. Jeff Capri from The Bench in Stony Brook will be running the front of the house. Jake Williams, Executive Chef at Harvest on Fort Pond, is consulting on the menu and has brought in his former sous chef, Orrett Smith formerly of Shelter Island Tavern, to run the kitchen.

The Tuna will be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner for the season. This Saturday from 7-9 they will be holding a Montauk appreciation night, with complimentary beer and wine as well as a sampling of their new menu items.

According to a spokesperson, "The mantra of the management team is to bring back the families and the taste of the old Montauk. #RespectMontauk."

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Sloppy Tuna

148 S Emerson Ave, Montauk, NY 11954 (631) 647-8000 Visit Website