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The Hampton Hopper Wants to Add a Montauk-only Loop This Summer

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Less traffic, more safety

App-based transportation service the Hampton Hopper is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Montauk-only loop this summer. Sounds like a great idea to us, given the complaints about drunken driving, taxi gouging, and Uberlessness Montauk had last summer. In addition, there are new parking restrictions in Montauk (a no-parking zone on Edgemere Road by the Surf Lodge) as well as a possible one-way street layout.

Potential stops would include many of the local hotspots, such as Ruschmeyer’s and the Surf Lodge, as well as the train station. The whole loop would take about 40 minutes and run till late on Thursdays through Sunday. Riders would be able to buy a single ride on the Montauk Loop for $7 or buy an unlimited daily pass for $15. This can be purchased via their iPhone app or on board. (Why no Android yet?)

So far, just $4,100 has been pledged towards the $35,000 goal. Montauk business owners, how about it?