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An 1890s East Hampton Shingle Style with a Relaxed, Informal Spirit

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A labor of love

Pilar Guzmán, Condé Nast Traveler editor, and Chris Mitchell, Vanity Fair publisher, had "never tackled anything this big" when they undertook the renovation of an 1890s East Hampton house. But being "hopeless architectural romantics," the couple were under the spell of the charming property. The couple let the original design and details of their 1890s Shingle Style house guide its renovation, successfully mixing Scandinavian and cottage styles. "This house was meant for friend-filled weekends, so we wanted to keep the public areas invitingly informal—as welcoming to kids with Legos as to adults with martinis." It was a labor of love, says Guzmán. Want to see more? Turn to the June issue of Architectural Digest for the full story.