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Bridgehampton Gateway Opponents Say it Should be Included in PDD Moratorium

Supervisor Schneiderman disagrees

The proposed moratorium on planned development districts in Southampton Town excludes projects already under way, such as the Gateway at Bridgehampton mixed-used development. Town supervisor Jay Schneiderman, quoted in the Southampton Press, says the Gateway development has an "intense amount of planning that it has already gone through." Furthermore, the Gateway was a town proposal, not a PDD application filed by a developer. According to Schneiderman, applications submitted under the existing law should be reviewed under the existing law.

A moratorium should maintain the status quo, counters Jeffrey Bragman of Bridgehampton Action Now (BAN), a group opposed to the Gateway, also quoted in the Press. He said, "The operative fact is that the Town Board is obviously very concerned about PDDs—they are concerned that they don’t meet the needs of the community, that they produce dramatic overdevelopment, which we’ve seen, and they want to study the use of that mechanism. And if they are going to do that, there is no reason that it shouldn’t apply to this PDD."