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Big Reveal: How Much for a Restored Sea Captain’s House in Sag Harbor?

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Quite a lot, turns out

Address: 42 Howard Street, Sag Harbor

Price: $10,500,000

You fools. You sweet, beautiful fools. The most popular answer this week was $8,250,000, a mere $2,250,000 off the actual asking price. Which we agree is pretty high, but a massive amount of work went into renovating this property, and the quality of finishes is very high. One wag had the right idea: "I wanted to guess one billion dollars because SH. But it wasn’t a choice so I went with the highest available." Two others were unconvinced: "Would have liked to see some exterior photos - pool and landscaping. This is an impeccable renovation that doesn’t do it for me, I find this house too dark and dreary. All those muted blues and dark brown furniture … well, even a sea captain might want something a bit lighter overall." And "It’s only half and acre and no exterior photos…its a lot of house for that lot, and given no photos, is most likely shoehorned into the property….it’s a lovely reno, but Sag Harbor is primarily a summer resort. For the price (and I know the price cuz I saw the listing before this posting) I would take a nice large house an acre+ south of the highway."