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EaterHampton Update: Zach Erdem Buys Eateries, Server Pay Debate

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Erdem buys two new places; $7.50 minimum wage

According to the New York Post, Zach Erdem, owner of Southampton’s 75 Main, has purchased both the space at 136 Main Street in Southampton, most recently Nammos Estiatorio, and the space at 125 Tuckahoe Lane, most recently 1 OAK nightclub. (Erdem used to work at Nello’s, also formerly at 136 Main.) Can’t wait to see what Erdem does with them.

An interesting post is causing some controversy and debate over at our sister site Eater NY. Writer Ryan Sutton says that New York State was wrong to exclude tipped workers from the new $15 an hour minimum wage. Here on Long Island, "the tipped minimum will be frozen at $7.50 for two years before gradually rising to $10 in 2021." Commenters, however, are saying that at the high-end restaurants Eater tends to cover, FOH workers are making plenty ($70K+ a year) already, and that Sutton doesn’t understand the "comically slim margins" restaurants operate under. One sputtered, "Does he even know what payroll looks like in a restaurant; what the expenses of a restaurant are? Has he ever seen a P&L statement, an income statement of a restaurant?" Both sides made very good points.

Nammos Southampton

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