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Peace and Tranquility for Only $20M in East Hampton’s Northwest

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12.8 acres of bayfront

Can you put a price on quiet repose? Turns out you can, and it's a mere $20M! For the deep-pocketed seeker of zen, here's a property with 12.8 acres of quiet right next to a nature preserve. Feel your cares slip away as you watch swans drift by on the bay--hey, get off that 150' dock, swans! Freeloaders. Wait, where were we? Ah, yes. This property includes three separate parcels of 2.5 acres, 8.2 acres and 2.0 acres. The 8.2 acre property includes a 4325 square foot home, a waterside gunite pool, and a tennis court. The house features a junior master on the first floor and a spacious master with sitting room. Not enough room? The basement, with ten-foot ceilings and multiple egresses, can be finished into a media room, gym, what have you. Yoga studio. What do you think of the place?