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EaterHampton: Fresh Hamptons is Canned; Welcome to the Service Station and Jean-Georges

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Farewell to Fresh; hello to the Service Station and Jean-Georges

Time for the latest news on Hamptons restaurants! As always, if you have a tip, please drop us a line.

First up, sad news for the veggie lovers: Fresh Hamptons is no more. The Bridgehampton restaurant posted at the end of January on Facebook: "We will be closed for the month of February for a brief winter break." It's April now, the phone number is no longer in service, and a source told us the eatery will not re-open. To quote: "Debt. Court. Eviction. Goodbye." Too bad.

Over in East Hampton, the space formerly known as Winston’s and Nichol’s will be The Service Station ("Pull in and fill up"). Seasoned restaurateur Michael Gluckman and partner Shane Dyckman (of SagTown Coffee and Flying Point Surf School) plan a "friendly and casual" year round restaurant, with comfort foods as well as healthful wellness offerings offered for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Michael says sample menu items will include all-natural rotisserie chicken, steak frites, lamb shank, pan roasted striped bass, oysters Rockefeller, clams casino, hearty meatloaf, lots of large fresh garden salads, baked Brie, creamy rock shrimp tacos, and a "soon to be famous baked clam casserole," all complemented by inexpensive bar drinks and wine by the glass starting at $8.

The New York Post says the rumor is true: Jean-Georges Vongerichten will be taking over the restaurant at Topping Rose House. We wonder whether Topping Rose or the new Sag Harbor Le Bilboquet will be the hottest restaurant of summer 2016. Can't wait to find out!

Finally, a long-term lease has been signed for the "cursed" restaurant spot on the Napeague stretch, home to innumerable failed eateries. Confidential to the new proprietors: burn some smudging sage, light candles to St Lawrence; hell, make a sacrifice to any Aztec, Egyptian, or Assyrian gods you can think of to make the bad juju in that place go away. Good luck!