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Big Reveal: How Much for a Lavish New Mansion in Sagaponack?

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Loved it, except for the kitchen counters

Address: 490 Hedges Lane, Sagaponack

Price: $18,995,000

Nope. The most popular guess this week was $22,995,000, which is $4M over the actual asking price. $18,995,000 is really not a bad price at all, considering the property is sold completely furnished and finished, and of course Hedges Lane is a prestigious address. We wouldn't be surprised if some lucky rich person snapped this place up quickly. Commenters liked the house too, mostly, except for the waterfall kitchen counters. "The house is stunning. [...] Only one pet peeve, and that’s the waterfall-counter top. It should only be done with one continuous slab, so the marble pattern matches (otherwise, irritates me)." "Wow! This is super purty. Just the right balance of raw wood and white paint. I love the exterior. I hate all waterfall counters. I somehow feel like I’m going to walk into them and bang my knee or stub my toe." (Us too, only we actually will.) "Beautiful. Almost makes me wish I had married a hedge fund manager. I don’t like waterfall counters either. And I think the staircase is a bit ostentatious-looking. But this is nicely done, inside and out."