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JetSmarter to the Hamptons This Summer Via Helicopter

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Free transfers for members

This summer, skip the traffic and get to the Hamptons in style via the JetSmarter app. The private jet booking app is offering its members free helicopter transfers between Manhattan and the Hamptons every weekend throughout the summer.

Service to East Hampton begins May 6, with Southampton service starting the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. You can catch a flight to (or from) East Hampton late Friday afternoons and a flight back to the city late Sunday afternoon. Service to and from Southampton will be Fridays and Mondays.

The catch is, of course, you have to be a member of JetSmarter’s program, which runs a cool $9,675 annually along with a one-time $3,500 initiation fee. Reservations can be made through the JetSmarter app, available for iOS and Android devices.