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Sex and the City Author Candace Bushnell Just Purchased this Sag Harbor Home

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Vintage farmhouse with old barn

Last year, author Candace Bushnell praised Sag Harbor in the Observer. "Two of my best girlfriends just moved to Sag Harbor. And it’s so much fun to go there and visit them! It’s so cute, and of course, they’re both single women, and they both have these little houses, but they’re charming. And it’s so easy to get around and walk everywhere." Now she's purchased her own charming little house, this one.

The property is on a large plot for the area at just under a third of an acre. The house, which is 1300 square feet, formerly the home of the Whyte family, includes plenty of vintage charm (Candace, please don't change the adorable flower pattern hex tile floor in one bathroom). There's also a two-story barn that needs renovation and could be used as a pool house or writer's studio. Seems like a good buy for only $680K.

Candace also advised the Observer, on the way to the Hamptons, "Take a Xanax. Because it’s a really, really long drive in the traffic. And then when you get there, there’s more traffic." True--but now the reward is your own sweet little place.