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A Gin Lane Estate with Magical Gardens for $21M

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Secret gardens, fountains, and hydrangeas

The two acres of land in this Gin Lane estate have been beautifully designed with fountains, stonework, enchanting secret areas, rolling lawns and foaming hydrangeas. Of course there's also a lovely pool surrounded by brick pavers (why not stone?) and a tennis court. The covered porch and the summerhouse have similar bell roofs, as does the ceiling of the master bedroom.

The house, built in 2002, is a gambrel style. It's spacious at 7500 square feet, with nine bedrooms, nine baths and two half baths, a staff wing, and a two-car garage. The interiors are very traditional; nice features include a large fireplace by the kitchen dining area and a paneled library. The house would suit a much more simple, modern style of interiors. $21M, the asking price, is not out of line; the property isn't oceanfront, but of course Gin Lane is a very prestigious address.