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Build Your Own Wooden Surfboard This Summer in Amagansett

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Anyone can do it, experienced or not

Get out from behind that screen and build something with your hands this summer. How about a beautiful wooden surfboard?

Before fiberglass and foam surfboards, there was wood. Surfers made boards from whatever wood was available. Since 2005, Grain Surfboards, headquartered in York, Maine, has been taking people back to the roots of surfing, building hollow wooden surfboards and teaching others how to build their own. Now the company is opening a new shop in Amagansett where they say anyone of any age can build their own wooden surfboard under the guidance of experienced craftsmen. Young, older, experienced with wood or not, you’re welcome. Workshops are scheduled from mid-May to the beginning of December.

Three- or four-day workshops include instruction, breakfast & lunch, materials and sales tax on materials and cost $2675. Each student leaves with a completed surfboard ready for glass and all the glassing materials and supplies needed.