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Five Years on the Market, $9M Off the Price in East Hampton

A spacious traditional on Georgica Cove

Poor wallflower 7 Chauncey Close. It's a pleasant traditional house in a great location--so why doesn't anyone want to buy it? Price, we think. It first hit the market back in 2011 asking a humorous $27M. It was then chopped down to $23M, still laughable. Back in 2014, the price was then lowered to $21M; now it's $17.75M, a lot better.

In 2014, we opined, "It's not that there's anything really wrong with this house, but there's nothing really right either. Aside from location, of course: right on Georgica Cove. The interiors are just so vanilla and dull, we don't see how anyone would fall in love with it." Maybe we were a little harsh. Another issue is that the 2.44 acre plot is kind of narrow and long, although it is next to a five-acre reserve, which helps.

Designed by East Hampton's Zwirko and Ortmann and erected by long-time East End builder John Caramagna in 1997, the 7000 square foot traditional features a "two-story entrance foyer, living room with bay windows, library, circular dining room and a country kitchen with fireplace, porch/sunroom with radiant heat. The master bedroom with fireplace and balcony is on the second floor along with a stunning circular sunroom." Outside, there are lovely plantings, along with a 60' pool and pool house.