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Sperry to Release 'Jaws'-Themed Line for Summer

You may have a panic on your hands on the Fourth of July

You're gonna need a bigger budget. For boat shoes, that is. Sperry is releasing a collection of Jaws-inspired limited edition sneakers for the summer. (Makes sense: Topsiders were sported by Quint, Hooper, and Brody on board the Orca.) The prices will range between $70 and $85.

The shoes feature imagery from Jaws, including the poster and logo, as well as some plainer navy and red versions. Each pair comes in a movie-themed box with blood-stained tissue paper and signage from the film, such as the "Beach Closed" warning and "Quint’s Shark Charter." ("Since 1977"? Hm.)

We can't help thinking, however, that Sperry missed a trick by not including a pair with the anchor pattern of Mayor Larry Vaughn's jacket.