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Retail Update: Big Flower, Brunello Cucinelli Home and Lifestyle, and More

Two new East Hampton boutiques

Time for some updates on the new shops opening in the Hamptons for spring. First up is the new Big Flower shop opening on May 23 at 23 Newtown Lane in East Hampton. The brand, which launched last summer with a capsule collection of men's wear at c/o The Maidstone, is being expanded this year with its own shop.

The clothing, by Greg Ammon and his fiancee Stacy Volkov, includes, for men, "a full range of handmade, contemporary wear and accessories from breathable button-downs and unlined suiting, to ultra-soft t-shirts, joggers and summer weight sweaters." For women, there's "summer basics and necessities such as relaxed tunics and beach dresses."

Next up, Brunello Cucinelli, which currently has a shop selling its designer fashion on Newtown Lane, is opening a new home and lifestyle boutique at 55 Main Street, East Hampton. You know, candles, blankets, cashmere cushions, and so on. A walnut case for your desk with pencils in it. The essentials.

Amagansett Square is about to get more delicious, as Sag Harbor's Cavaniola’s Gourmet, a wine, cheese and specialty foods shop, will expand to the former Miankoma space. Also, Mandala Yoga Center, a current tenant, will move to the former Bass outlet shop, which offers more space. Ooooom.