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Big Reveal: How Much for an Oceanfront Seven-Bedroom in Sagaponack?

With 2.6 acres and an ocean-facing pool

Address: 131 Crestview Lane, Sagaponack

Price: $38,995,000

Winner! The number one guess this week was correct. Comments were mostly positive, even considering the rather unfortunately renovated exterior of the house. "Pros: Great oceanfront, nice modern decor inside. Cons: Narrow lot with narrow side facing ocean…limited footage facing ocean, hideous post-modern affectations on a shingle-style house." "Egads this place is dated! What an unfortunate time to have been suckered into the then-current design trends. Still, lot size, location, etc. are pretty great. I’d have guessed $1 billion if it had been a choice." "You know, there was a time when you could spend $40m and get a completely finished home, not a project that will take two years and a few more million to 'fix.'" Eh, rich people can have terrible taste too, we say.