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A New App Will Simplify Getting Around in the Hamptons this Summer

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A designated driver for your own car

You drove to that fab summer party. But oops, now you realized you've had a little too much rosé to get home safely. Now what? Whip out your phone, and get a driver for your car with a single tap. DriverOnTap is like a designated driver for your own car.

The brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Alex Riguardi and Jose Ramirez, DriverOnTap launched in Michigan last year serving a busy college town with great success. Next month, it launches in the Hamptons. "The Hamptons is all about exquisite cars, elegant events and the hot social scene. DriverOnTap is the perfect fit to get people where they want to be safely and with the convenience of their own vehicle," says Alex Riguardi.

How it works: just download the app and tap for a driver. The app will provide an estimate of cost based on distance. The driver will meet you at your desired location and drive you home in your own car. Fees begin at $35 (which is a lot less than a DUI!). DriverOnTap Hamptons will service Southampton to Montauk, with an option of trips to and from Manhattan. Need someone to drive your car out to the Hamptons while you hop on a helicopter? No problem. All drivers are screened, licensed and fully insured, and you'll be provided with your driver’s name, contact info and ETA.