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15 Acre-Estate on Lake Agawam Wants $59M

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Four separate building lots

This enormous property, currently sporting an 80s contemporary, comprises four separate building lots, so offers many possibilities for the deep-pocketed buyer. Formerly part of the John Randolph Hearst estate, the property was developed in the early 1980s by businessman Frank H. Wyman, who died a couple years ago. Mr. Wyman, an avid golfer, had six acres planted with special grasses to create fairways.

The 6500sf house looks very dated from the exterior (although nice enough from the few interior shots in the listing) and will probably be torn down. The property also includes a pool, pool house and tennis court. Too rich for your blood at $59M? The main house and lot, about 5.5 acres, is available for $19.75M, while the three other lots (about three acres each) are $13.95M each, which are fairly reasonable asks.