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Montauk's 'Dirtbag Beach' is Finished by the Army Corps

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After months of work, the trucks are almost gone

"Dirtbag Beach" is the irresistible name given to the stretch of beach worked on by the Army Corps of Engineers by opponents. "Dirt" because orange non-beach sand was used to build the dunes, and "bag" because of the geotextile bags used to contain them.

Despite the name, we remain hopeful about the beach. After months of work, the Army Corps sign is down and almost all of the trucks and diggers are gone. After all the time, effort, and money spent shoring up the dunes to protect downtown Montauk, the building of boardwalks to protect the dunes and planting of grasses to sustain them, it would be a real shame if the dunes fail or the beach looked ugly.

The video below was taken last week during a rainstorm by Montauk resident Thomas Bradley Muse, and things looked pretty bad.

Courtesy Thomas Bradley Muse

We walked the beach today (a little farther down) and took these photos, and the beach looks better. No sign of the dreaded orange sand (dirt) or bags, at least not yet. We hope for everyone's sake it stays that way.

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