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Springtime in Montauk: Let's Raise the Asking Price!

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$750K more after three weeks on the market

Ah, spring in Montauk. The robins return, the trees start to bud, the tulips come up, and so, apparently, do the prices. The first property was featured here on Curbed when it hit the market three weeks ago, asking $2.75M. Well, March is over, folks, and the asking price, which may have been a stretch given the, let's say, unassuming nature of the house, is now $3.5M. Yep, that's a $750K increase in a few weeks.

Back in those halcyon days several weeks ago, commenters liked the property, except for the ask. "Wow… 2.75.. wow. Tons of charm, a lot of property and I love that area of Ditch close to the western parking lot. I also think that property and the houses are on a slight rise a bit above sea level if I remember.. but for 2.75?" "Price aside, this is pretty much perfect."

The next property was also fun and quirky, on the other side of Montauk, and it hit the market last August. A 60s beach house with a soundview, the place definitely needed some updates, but the asking price of $1.595M was not out of line. Again, that was then and this is now, and now the asking price is $400K more, up to $1.995M.

Smart moves, or forget it, Jake, it's crazytown?