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Squabble Lane Oceanfront Now at a $12M Discount

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From $45.5M to $33.5M

Sometimes we can’t figure out why a property lingers on the market. But that’s not the case with this one! The house is so dated it hurts our eyes (especially egregious is the cluttered foyer, eye-watering dining room, and We Love the 90s kitchen, especially those painful cabriole-legged stools), but the issues don’t end there, at least according to one CH commenter from 18 months ago, when the house was in contract but the sale didn’t complete. "The worst floor plan you have ever seen. You would not even know you are on the ocean. When you walk in the house a staircase hits you in the face instead of a view of the ocean. In the master you look at closets instead of windows to the ocean." The 6700sf house was designed in 2003 by Francis Fleetwood. It was initially offered for sale in autumn 2013 asking $45.5M. Well, now it’s spring 2016 and the ask is $33.5M.

On the plus side, the location is incomparable: 4.5 acres with 500 feet of oceanfront and private frontage on Wickapogue Pond. There's also a six-car garage, pool with water views to the ocean and pond, and a sunken tennis court. At some point, the place will hit land value. When do you think that will be? How low does the ask have to go to attract a buyer?