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How Much for a New Build By the Ocean in Sagaponack?

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Near that nice Mr. Rennert

PriceSpotter is Curbed's price guessing game. We provide some details and pictures from a local listing, and you take a crack at the price. Thursday, we reveal the answer. No cheating!

What/Where: 9 bedrooms, 9.5 baths /Sagaponack

Square Feet: 9500sf

Acreage: 2.1 acres

The Skinny: As the new owner of this property, you can borrow cups of sugar from that nice Mr. Rennert just down the street. The exterior of the house is a fairly traditional Georgian style, but it’s simple and modern on the interior, with some interesting ceilings (beams in the family room, astragal molding in the dining room, planks in the kitchen). The kitchen, too, with three islands (!), is unfussy and plain, as are the fireplaces. Other nice features include a sauna, hot yoga room, and home theater. Outside, the view includes 15 acres of reserve. Of course there’s a heated gunite pool and spa, although the pool is disappointingly skimpy in size, and according to the listing there’s room for tennis. much do you think they're asking for it?