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Big Reveal: How Much for a Modish New-Build in East Hampton's Northwest?

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Less than most thought

Address: 18 Oyster Pond Lane, East Hampton

Price: $1,995,000

Bargain! The number one guess this week was $2,395,000. Commenters liked the property, with some caveats. "Not a fan of the use of cement board on the front, the cheesy bathroom vanities or some of the accent tile choices. But beyond those minor personal choices, the house appears to be really fantastic. The pool area is insane, and I love the Northwest Woods/Harbor. Guessing $2.195, but will probably go for closer to 1.995." "Agreed, though the cement board panels would look better if painted black. Paint everything black." "I was liking this house a lot until I saw the awful bathrooms. Price would have to be low enough to compensate for remodeling them, in my view." Hey, we liked them--nice to see a builder do something different.