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Great Views + Great Features in a Southampton New-Build = $27.9M

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Views of Old Town Pond and the ocean

This seven-bedroom new build makes the most of great views of Old Town Pond and the ocean. Almost every room has a water view, and rather thoughtfully, there's a third floor with a large family/game room with wet bar to take in the view. This floor also offers a home theater and a bedroom and bath. The second floor, where most bedrooms are located, includes a gym with full bath and a laundry room with double washers and dryers. No having to work out in the basement lower level here. The master includes double baths and dressing rooms, and there's also a junior master on the ground floor.

The style of the house is attractive and restrained--no overblown tacky giant staircases here: all is pale, calm and understated. The kitchen, which includes three full-height wine vaults, bucks the all-white trend with wood tones and stainless accents.

There's 1.86 acres of land with a tennis court and a pool with two cabanas (because just one is for the poor folks). As for the asking price, it's reasonable. It compares fairly well with the new builds behind Wooldon Manor; of course, for a mere six million dollars more, a buyer could get oceanfront on Squabble Lane or Fowler Street. (A million here, a million there and pretty soon you’re talking real money.) Those properties are commonly understood to need some work, while there's nothing at all to do here.

This property, with its previous house, now just a memory, was well-known to Curbed readers; about three years ago we noted that "Southampton Six-Bedroom Begins 2013 With A $550K Increase" after being for sale since 2008. It finally sold in November 2013 to a Mr. 500 Old Town LLC for a mere $6.75M. (Even with a teardown, that was a great deal.)