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The Sloppy Tuna is Closed—for Good?

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Will it open this summer under court receivership?

Looks like it's the end of the line for the Sloppy Tuna, the popular and controversial Montauk bar/restaurant, at least in the form we know (and love?).

As a direct result from the court battle between the partner owners of the Sloppy Tuna, the bar/restaurant will be run by a court-appointed receiver for the time being. The location will probably be open this summer, possibly under a new name, according to various sources.

This morning, on the Sloppy Tuna’s Facebook page, owner Drew Doscher posted:

The Sloppy Tuna as you and we know it will unfortunately not be opening at the same location in Montauk this summer – due to some sudden and unforeseen chaos and back room politics.

We will definitely be popping up somewhere soon – keep your eyes and ears open in the next few weeks for what’s to come next for The Sloppy Tuna!! Read below for more details...

The Riverhead Supreme Court exercised the most extreme, extraordinary and drastic relief possible against a very successful business that provides hundreds of jobs. That ruling concerns all business owners in the state of New York. The court appointed a "receiver" who just happened to be the Judge’s ex-law partner and good buddy and granted him over $800,000.00 in fees - without any evidence of fraud or other such wrongdoing, other than the false claim that documents were not handed over in time, which was complete horseshit. There is no evidence that the Court's former law partner has any experience, competency, or talent to run this type business. It was only after these exorbitant fees were held up in appeal that the court appointed receiver decided to look busy and seize the business without a trial.

(Remember, that’s the opinion of one owner, who’s suing and being sued by the other three.)

On Monday, a warrant was issued by an East Hampton town justice for the arrest of a Sloppy Tuna manager. The Sloppy Tuna’s head of security had failed to appear numerous times for court dates regarding 12 noise violations issued to the bar last summer.

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Note: see this update.

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