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Big Reveal: How Much for an Extraordinary Contemporary on Georgica Pond?

Less than you thought

Address: 72 Georgica Close Road East Hampton

Price: $17,980,000

Not so much this week. The number one guess was $19,980,000, a cool $2M more than the actual asking price. Commenter Decloo was also cool about the property. "Does it matter that the pond is pretty much toxic these days? Is it only the view that counts? I would never buy on the pond now for fear children or pets would be sickened. Maybe for people with neither kids nor pets, the health of the pond is not an issue? I’m betting it will be. I think the exterior of the house is awful. Things look better inside though the kitchen certainly need an overhaul. I doubt there are too many buyers for this type of design. Pass." Boredatty was more bullish. "I really like this. For an 80s build, the exterior is not awful, though it would benefit from a much darker paint color, which would help mask some of the curves (I would go pretty close to black). The interior is beautiful – excellent job on the renovations."