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$13M Slashed Off the Ask of East Hampton Estate

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Originally $45M; now a mere $32M

This interesting property, on Chauncey Close in the Georgica area, debuted on the market last summer asking $45M. It consists of two parcels, one 3.5 acres with a gorgeous old barn on it and an empty lot of 3.6 acres. Together, they have 877 feet of water frontage on Georgica Pond and of course they're close to the ocean.

We thought that $45M wasn't an outrageous asking price, given that 7 Chauncey Close is asking $21M for 2.44 acres of land, and 24 Chauncey sold a while back for $16.45M with 3 acres of land. Apparently prospective buyers disagreed, since the property didn't sell, and now the asking price is $32M. A buyer could choose the house with 3.5 acres for $21M or the vacant lot for $11M.

The old barn came from Hever Castle in England, where the Boleyn family live, and was purchased and reassembled on site in the 1970s. It looks as though it could do with some interior updates, but at 6118sf, with five bedrooms and 4.5 baths, it's fine as is. Or the buyer could build a new house on the other parcel of land and keep the barn as a guest house.

Commenters last summer liked the property a lot: "Love that great room (and I usually detest great rooms). A tad too Restoration Hardware on some of the interiors but that’s a minor/fixable issue. Really nice overall, and all that land!" "Mostly a charmer, ditto on the RH stuff which is like the elephant in everyone’s room, with all due respect to any authentic elephants out there. " "This is beautiful! I’ve got my Powerball tickets at the ready." Surely this property will find a new owner soon.