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Big Reveal: How Much for a Montauk Tudor with Golf Course Views?

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Less than you thought!

Address: 48 Fairlawn Drive Montauk

Price: $2,595,000

Guesses were all over the place this week, with the most popular number being $3,995,000, and $2,595,000 and $4,595,000 being tied for second. True, Montauk prices do seem all over the place as well, so there’s that. One comment in that vein: "Asking? 4.9m worth? 3m." Commenter dunesgirl asked, "It is certainly possible I’m losing my mind, but I thought this house was on the market either last summer or the summer before, I could swear there was a sign out back that could be seen from the golf course. Has it been on and off the market? is this a quick flip? Either way, always thought it was handsome although I’m not a fan of all that dark wood. Now if only it came with preferred tee times on the Downs." Yes, it was for sale last year—the price keeps dropping.