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Army Corps Pitches Plan to Rebuild Beaches West of Montauk Harbor

Are you in favor of more groins?

The long-awaited plan by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding Montauk Harbor was presented Tuesday to town officials and residents. The proposal is to rebuild and stabilize the shoreline west of the harbor inlet to Culloden Point. Thousands of tons of sand would create a 10-foot wide beach and three geotextile groins would be created to slow erosion. The project would include regular dredging of the inlet, navigation channel and main basin of the harbor, with dredged sand added to nourish the beach.

Beaches west of the inlet have been eroded by the inlet jetties over the years. The Army Corps said that the project would protect the waterfront houses along Soundview Drive and the neighborhood of Culloden Shores. The project is expected to cost $10M, of which the Army would cover 80%, the state about 15% and the town about 5%. If approved, work could start in September 2018.