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Buy Don Peebles’ $14M Baroque Palace in…Noyack?

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Designed by Peter Cook

Bigshot property developer and possibly NYC mayoral candidate Don Peebles owns this ten-acre estate, featuring a 7140sf house, guest house, pool and pool house, asking $14M. The building was designed by Peter Cook in 2000 and is in what looks to us like English baroque style, as seen in Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard, Chatsworth, and other English country houses of the eighteenth century—not exactly what one expects to find in Noyack. The interiors of the five-bedroom house seem fairly restrained, however, although the bright flatscreens in the photos look garish and out of place. Of course there’s room for a tennis court should the new owner so desire, and the property is pretty close to Sag Harbor, though not actually in it. What do you think?