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Here’s the New-Build Replacing Norman Jaffe’s Lloyds House

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Nice place, but not Jaffe

Remember 12 Heller Lane in East Hampton, Norman Jaffe's Lloyds House? In the autumn of 2012, we wrote,, "After almost four years and three pricechops, this Norman Jaffe design has finally closed. [...] Here's to hoping the new owner decides to keep the place as is and doesn't intend on replacing it with a gambrel-style traditional."

The house then sold again in the spring of 2013, when a CH commenter noted that the house was "a time capsule that has been taken reasonably good care of, the grounds are beautiful, the location AAA+. It would be a shame (even a crime) if someone flattens it and erects a Farrell-Faux-Francis-Fleetwood gambreled monstrosity."

Three years later, the Jaffe house is history, which we frankly think is a shame. The listing for its replacement doesn't include any exterior photos yet, so we don't know if it's gambrel style, but it seems traditional, anyway. Actually, the new 5300sf house seems fairly appealing, with nice touches such as pretty marble fireplaces, plenty of built-ins including banquette seating in the breakfast room, a nice looking rec room, a mirrored gym, an elevator, and smart house technology. In all, there are seven bedrooms, including two in the lower level, and 7.5 baths.

The plot size is somewhat petite for south of the highway, at just over an acre, but there is or will be a pool and a "simple pool house [that] serves the pool area with bathroom and entertaining facilities." Asking price for all this is a fairly reasonable $13.9M. We just wish someone had loved Lloyds House enough to preserve it.