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Bridgehampton Oceanfront 1980s Throwback Now $5M Less

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Buyers have been Just Saying No so far

Let's get the good stuff out of the way first: the property is oceanfront (good), in Bridgehampton (good), there's 1.5 acres of land next to reserve (good), a pool and tennis court (good), and there are of course beautiful ocean and bayviews (very good). And the price has just been cut from $31.995M down to $26.995M. The property belongs to Related Companies CEO Jeff Blau, who's rumored to be building a new place in Wainscott.

Now for the bad stuff: the exterior is cold, uninviting, and more 80s than Gary Coleman and Nancy Reagan in a Just Say No plug. The kitchen, while nicely renovated to current tastes, is tiny for current tastes. Today's buyer wants an enormous live-in kitchen, which wasn't so popular 30 years ago. It might be possible to renovate the house to make it appealing--removing some walls to open up the kitchen and changing the black-framed windows would definitely help. What do you think of the place?