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Southampton Town Considering New Licensing Rules for Uber

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Less onerous than East Hampton's

Southampton Town is considering requiring Uber operators (and other app-based operators) to be licensed in the town and registered with the clerk’s office. The town would create two classes of license: taxicab, which would be able to pick up passengers on the spot or be on call; and livery, which can pick up passengers who have booked online, through an app, or over the phone.

This structure would be more fair to licensed taxicab companies which already pay licensing fees to operate in the town and would also be less onerous to Uber, Lyft, and so on, than the rules put in place in East Hampton. In East Hampton, Uber was effectively banned under new regulations requiring drivers to have a business office in town and a license from the town to operate.

Got an opinion on this subject? Let us know in the comments. Let officials know what you think at a public hearing on Tuesday, March 22, at 6PM at Southampton Town Hall.