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Truck Beach Landowners Strike Back with a Video

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The Napeague homeowners fighting condemnation of two disputed strips of land have released a video showing numerous vehicles driving on the sand during the summer, often near pedestrians. The issue is that people use the land to drive onto the beach, giving the area the name Truck Beach. The homeowner group, SAFE, says that the beach is "being used by drivers as a toilet, for boozy tailgating, and a parking lot by more than 100 S.U.V.s on summer weekends." SAFE believes that the disputed land is owned by the area homeowners; East Hampton Town is moving to condemn the land in the first step of seizing ownership of the land via eminent domain, a move that SAFE says is wasting millions of dollars. Opponents of the landowners say that public access to beaches is an important right that must be maintained.

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