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Feast Your Eyes on a Southampton Village Georgian New Build

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Georgian-style architecture, six fireplaces, a butler's pantry, a lower level entertaining space with access to a separate spa with waterfall: there's a lot of really nice features to this new-build, a spec house built by local superagent Tim Davis. The house's design was inspired by Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a genuine Georgian house that served as George Washington's headquarters during the Siege of Boston, from July 1775 to April 1776, and later the home of the Longfellow family. Sadly, General Washington didn't get to enjoy the 9.5 baths, gym, media room, pool and pool house that this house boasts. It's 6500sf with seven bedrooms. Basically, there are two drawbacks: the plot size, which is a measly half-acre—though the property does make the most of what land there is—and the price, which is $8.75M. The price has to come down, we think, to attract a buyer.

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