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Group of Local Citizens Oppose the Gateway at Bridgehampton

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The Gateway at Bridgehampton, the planned mixed-use project across from Bridgehampton Commons, is slated to be the subject of a hearing at Southampton Town Hall on Tuesday, February 9. A local group calling themselves Bridgehampton Action Now (B.A.N.) has been formed in opposition to the development and has a petition going.

The plan includes 90,000sf of retail and residential space, including 30 apartments, of which 28 would be affordable housing. The B.A.N. petition states, "The Gateway Proposal as it stands proposes overdevelopment of the Bridgehampton hamlet. The Gateway proposes another oversized shopping center across from Bridgehampton Commons shopping center, situated in our rural village. […] The Gateway will increase the already horrific traffic during the Summer through Fall season, as witnessed in 2015. Not to mention the increase of traffic accidents occurring more and more on Montauk Highway all year round between Water Mill and Bridgehampton in particular."

In order to go ahead, Southampton Town has to approve a planned development district (PDD), once the environmental review is complete.
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