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Big Reveal: How Much for a Modern New Build in North Haven?

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Address: 6 Seaponack Drive North Haven
Price: $16,295,000
Too easy this week! The actual price was the number one answer: 51% of you got it right. Now that Curbed is using PollDaddy software, we can even break down where the votes come from, which includes 14 states (7 votes from Georgia?) and 5 countries (hi Netherlands and Germany!). (Although we don't know how accurate the IP geolocation is, so we digress.)

Anyway, commenters loved this place. "This place looks KILLER!!!" "Wow. I like this so much I can't even make a snarky comment about the virtual people in the pool." "Great design and such a peaceful private location.... Rather be here than SOH." "Looks amazing, but glass wall on the garage? Why would anyone want that, unless there's one garage to showcase your classic cars and another to hid your mess." "Gorgeous location. What's with the ceiling in the bar room. Inspired by Boeing 737?"

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