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Big Reveal: $4.995M for an Eight-Bed Abode in Westhampton Beach

The majority of Curbed pollsters guessed correctly on this PriceSpotter

For this week's PriceSpotter, it was a close race. 141 Curbed readers responded, with most believing that this eight-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom single-family home in Westhampton Beach is worth $4.995 million. Well, readers, it looks like the majority is right on this one.

A few Curbed commenters weren't too taken with the abode, though. One commenter named Decloo described the listing as being "another egregious misuse of ceiling beams," which Curbed Community Manager Ariel Viera said made the interiors look cluttered.

Some of what you should know about this abode include that it was built around 1870 by shipwrights from Sag Harbor, according to the listing. While old, it still looks new, thanks to a barn conversion and restoration. The most luxurious parts of this listing include that it has high-end amenities like a heated gunite pool and a basketball court. For those with a bit of a green thumb, there is also more than enough space for some gardening. The two-acre property also is home to 10,000 daffodils and a 100-year-old American Chestnut tree.

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