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On Shinnecock Bay, A Modern Architect Design with a Secret Garden

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Located on a barrier island with the Atlantic to one side and Shinnecock Bay to the other, this house is subject to extreme weather. (We assume it's on the north side of Meadow Lane in Southampton, although of course the architects don't want to state the house's exact location.) To that end, architects Aamodt / Plumb created a tough exterior shell out of concrete, mixed with local sand and left exposed, with a light-filled interior. Other design elements include unusual water-jet cut metal screens, which protect windows from high winds, provide privacy, and create intricate shadow patterns, which change as the day goes on. On top of the house is a green roof made of limestone pavers interspersed with sedum. This creates an intimate space open to the sky, different to the rest of the house, which is oriented to the water views.

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