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The 2016 Summer Rental Roundup: Amagansett Edition

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Hamptons rentals run the gamut from modest to superlative, from reasonably priced to Holy Crap! Curbed bring you three rentals per destination in various prices as we head east. Today we look at homes in the pretty town of Amagansett.

323 Marine Boulevard , Amagansett; Sotheby's via HREO
Price: $100,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: Sure, the interiors look like they haven't been updated since the Ford Administration, and there's no pool, but it's oceanfront in Amagansett for $100K, so quit complaining. The house is 3000sf with five bedrooms and three baths, and there's plenty of ocean-facing decking to while away the summer.

23 Gansett Lane, Amagansett; BHS
Price: $195,000 (MD-LD)
The Lowdown: This brand new house is a little bare for our tastes, but hey, who's planning on being inside? Outside, there's a heated gunite pool and pool house, honed bluestone fireplace and outdoor shower, and of course in the Lanes you're just minutes from the beach. There are four bedrooms and three baths in about 3000sf; a nice touch is the Sonos sound system with indoors and outdoor speakers.

Holy Crap!
428 Further Lane East, Amagansett; Corcoran
Price: $525,000 (July-LD)
The Lowdown: This gorgeous property belongs to top designer Joe Nahem of Fox Nahem. It's oceanfront, although as is common in the area, the ocean can be hard to see over the dunes. There are five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and staff quarters. Outside is beautifully landscaped, with a koi pond and running stream and a 55' pool with an open cabana with fireplace and an enclosed pool house with full bath, laundry, and kitchenette. See you there with our suit and towel.