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Big Reveal: How Much to Rent an Oceanside House in Montauk?

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Address: 14 Maple Street, Montauk
Rental fee: $500,000
Not quite. The most popular answer, though not by much, was $750,000. Commenters argued over the attractiveness of the property: "This home is absolutely beautiful. Get the checkbook out if you want it for the summer." and "This house is awesome - I'd rent it if it was in my budget. Cool modern design by Robert Young and the views are amazing." Versus "The ugliest house ever built. Seriously ugly." and "Hideous. Whats with all the cement? No taste. The bulldozer is your friend!" Then they discussed ocean access. (Our take, yes, you do have to walk across Old Montauk Highway—the horror!—to get to the beach.) "Deeded ocean access? Is the beach walkable or does the renter need to drive/park? Pool looks kinda small. Calling this "Oceanside" is misleading as there is a small house in photo 1 that is between this place and the ocean." (We did write "not oceanfront" in the description.) "You'll have to cross Old Montauk Highway to get to the beach. Photos and description just a tad misleading..."

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