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Ditch Plains Teardown on Double Lot for $949K

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It's possible this house could be renovated and added on to; who knows, maybe redoing everything and getting rid of Grandma's furniture could make this into a cute surf shack. But we doubt it. So the question becomes is the land worth $950K, and we think the answer is yes. (The price has recently been chopped from $995K.) The lot is 0.31 acres, which is twice the size of the usual in Ditch, and considering that non-oceanfront trailers mobile homes condominium units in Montauk Shores are asking $950K, this represents a good value. Of course it's farther from the ocean than Montauk Shores, so there's that, but this place wouldn't require monthly association fees either. We'll see what happens.

· Ditch Plains Beach House [Saunders]