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Big Reveal: How Much to Rent This Giant Water Mill Estate?

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Address: 90 Jule Pond Drive Water Mill
Price: $1,750,000 (MD-LD)
Psych! The most popular guess this week was $2.25M, and next was $2M. Our plan: if there's 100 days between MD-LD, which we're too lazy actually to figure out, this place then rents for $17,500 a night. All we need are 99 friends to chip in $17.5K apiece and we each get the place to ourselves for one night! Party! (Now, if only we had 99 friends. Or $17,500, for that matter.)

Commenters were bullish on this rental. "THIS IS THE MOST BREATHTAKING PIECE OF PROPERTY I HAVE SEEN OFFERED IN THE HAMPTONS EVER!!! throw up a link with a better piece of property I challenge anyone.. BAY AND OCEAN WITHOUT HAVING EYES IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD!!!!" One was a bit skeptical: "Why would someone who owns this house need to rent it? Or want to for that matter?" Maybe to help with the $240K a year (now) tax bill?

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