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Is This the Cutest Cottage in East Hampton Village?

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Yes. Yes, it is. Every inch of it is as charming as could be, from the hydrangea-trimmed porch out front to the vine-covered pergola out back. Built in 1927, the cottage has been decorated with attractive antiques such as the painted four-poster bed and what looks like a tramp-art windmill in the bathroom, yet the kitchen is bang up to date. (A nice feature is the blue ceiling that matches the cabinet interiors.) The house is small at 1500sf with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, but the living room is light and airy. The plot size is also petite at a half-acre; there's a gunite pool out back with a bluestone patio. Asking price is $2.375M, which is reasonable, considering Meadow Way is a desirable, attractive village lane.

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