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Gracious Georgica Traditional is Yours for $7.75M

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Nothing to do but pack your toothbrush when moving into this seven-bedroom, as the furnishings are included. There's just under an acre of land, standard for the area, with a pool and pool house with kitchenette and bath, along with a two car garage. The house is 7200sf, with 7.5 bathrooms and a junior master on the first floor. The house is fairly new so it's all done in modern taste and with the amenities most people want, including a white marble kitchen, home gym and media room in the finished lower level, along with a generator and geothermal heat. The only stickler is the $7.75M asking price, which strikes us as a little high, although new-builds by Farrell in the area are comparable. The property last sold for $6.2M in March 2013. What do you think is a fair price?

· 1 Bailow Lane [Saunders]